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Creativity - Paper Tower 1,04 m

During my study at coursera course on Creativity, Innovation, and Change (which very bright course is, please look at https://class.coursera.org/cic-001/class/index ) I have got a task to build the Paper Tower. 

The Task:

  1. Find an A-4 size (8"x11") sheet of paper
  2. Try and fail multiple times to build the tallest free-standing structure your creative mind can come up with.
I have listen about this task before but never made.
I have used a A4 paper, scissors (I can make it without scissors but scissors make the whole process faster)
no glue.

After some attemts. I have made a tower more than one meter.

Please, find the process of creation below.

First day. I have made three attempt. I try thre forms: circle, spiral, something like string (made from paper).

On the second day I determined the main problem of paper - flexibility.

The paper is very flexible. Shall I have a carton/cardboard the task could be easier.
After determining the main problem I have found the right decision.

I cut off a pice of paper.

It can stand.

The next problem to connect some base elements to get the chain.

I have made some incision at the end of every element. Connected it.

Lets try. Three elements.

It can stand on the ground.

Lets make a bigger chain as I don't use the whole A4 list yet.

Made some corrections. The base of every element should be more wide (and flat).

It can keep balance!
Wow! I have made it!

1,04 meter

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